Why You Need a Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Despite potentially years of planning, things can unfortunately still go wrong on your wedding day. Part of your planning checklist should include putting together a wedding day emergency kit for the big event!

Here’s why you should put together an emergency wedding kit and what to include in it.

Why Do You Need a Wedding Day Emergency Kit?

The simple answer for why you should put together an emergency wedding day kit is that things can go wrong. It could be something minor like your cellphone running out of battery, or something far bigger like your dress ripping! Although we’d like to avoid accidents as much as possible, adding an emergency kit to your checklist should give you peace of mind.

Emergency Wedding Day Checklist

So, what should you include on your emergency wedding day kit checklist? Here are some suggestions:

1. Phone Charger

While you won’t be on your phone all day, it could be disastrous if the battery runs out. Make sure you include at least a battery pack or normal charger on your emergency kit checklist.

2. Travel Sewing Kit

A travel sewing kit pretty much explains itself. The last thing you want is to snag your dress (or the groom to catch his jacket), so a sewing kit is a must on your checklist. Make sure it includes scissors, needles, and thread at the very least.

3. SuperGlue

Super glue can fix almost any issue you might have. Broken dress hem? Unstuck false nail? Jewels fallen off your tiara? Superglue is the answer. While there are other products you could use (such as tape or nail glue), superglue is an easy solution that saves you from carrying around several products.

4. Facial Blotting Paper

Another must-have on your emergency kit checklist is facial blotting paper. Weddings can be hectic, and the last thing you want is to look flustered and oily for all your official pictures!

5. Moist Towelettes

Any mom knows how useful moist towelettes are. Make sure you have them on your emergency kit list because they’re ideal for stains, spills, cleaning your hands, or repairing makeup.

6. Hairpins

Unless you’re lucky enough to have your hair stylist as a guest at your wedding, hair repair items are vital. At the very least you’ll want hairpins on your checklist, but a small brush and a travel-size can of hairspray will be useful too.

7. Mini First Aid Kit

First aid kit might not be the best name for what’s included here. Make sure you’ve got some aspirin and antacids because there’s a high chance you’ll be stressed and dehydrated at least once during the day. Of course, some band-aids and Q-tips won’t go amiss either!

Final Thoughts

An emergency kit checklist is vital for making sure you’re covered for minor accidents on your big day. After all, you’ll want to have a good time and in the heat of the moment, a snag in your dress can be a big deal.

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